One Solar brings together fully automated robotic manufacturing lines, coupled with vertically integrated processes makes for an ultra-high quality product.

The One Solar manufacturing sites cover the entire solar energy manufacturing chain, from raw silicon to complete solar electric systems. Very few solar power companies in the world can make the claim of being a fully integrated manufacturer. Most have to rely on outside sources of supply for wafers, cells, laminates, or solar panels. A company that is fully integrated, such as One Solar, has full control over the manufacturing of their product, from beginning to end. It is complete ownership of the product, in strictly controlled manufacturing environments, that ensures our customers will receive quality products, which will produce clean energy for decades.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Raw Silicon

One Solar is making leaps and bounds when it comes to the procurement and processing of raw materials in the solar industry. One Solar has set up industrial processes for the recovery of solar silicon from silane, and it also handles the development and construction of solar silicon – ultra high purity based on metallurgical silicon.

One Solar focuses on the fabrication of this ultra-high purity solar silicon as an internalized channel. As such, it has been possible for One Solar, despite world-wide shortages of solar grade silicon, to ensure supplies of the raw material for it’s own uses.

Silicon Ingot

One Solar only selects ultra-high purity, semiconductor-grade silicon (only a few parts per million of impurities). This raw silicon is melted in a crucible at 1425 degree Celsius, usually made of quartz. Dopant impurity atoms such as boron or phosphorus can be added to the molten silicon in precise amounts to dope the silicon, thus changing it into p-type or n-type silicon, with different electronic properties. A precisely oriented rod-mounted seed crystal is dipped into the molten silicon. The seed crystal’s rod is slowly pulled upwards and rotated simultaneously.

Solar Wafer

One Solar is one of the largest manufacturers of solar silicon wafers. A wide range of mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline solar wafers are manufactured at the plant to meet specific requirements. Solar wafers are also suitable as the input material for specialized applications.

The know-how that is used here builds the foundation for the technological market leadership of One Solar.

Solar Cells

One Solar produces solar cells from the preliminary product, solar silicon wafer. The cells have all the required technical characteristics to generate electricity from sunlight. One Solar specializes in both mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline solar cells.