Power Qube Inverter

A truly future -proof solution

The One Solar PowerQube was developed to ideally adapt to the current. but also the future requirements of small-scale solar systems.

The requirements for residential photovoltaic systems have increased continuously in the past decade, and OneSolar remains to be at the forefront of industry-leading technology.

Its comprehensive features lbws for simple and flexible installation at your property. while setting a new benchmark in elegant design. and maintaining a durable, reliable and future -proof solution for private solar installations.

One Solar German Panels

All OneSolar PowerQube inverters are manufactured to strict German quality standards. All the solar inverters undergo stringent in-line production tests which are more demanding than those are required by industrial standards.


All the components used in On Solar power qube inverters are sourced from industry leading manufactures from around the world. They include INFINEON, Epcos, Electronics, LEM, VAS, Fairchild, Littelfuse, Kemet Electronics, Amphenol, Panasonic and NIPPON.


Strict and rigorous quality control tests are carried out to ensure that all OneSolar powerqube inverters meet the required standards. This ensures that they are able to perform at their peak at all times.


All One Solar power qube inverters are internet ready. Their performance can be monitored at all times and include a maintained database of its performance over time.