One Solar Panels, Inverter and Reviews

OneSolar seamlessly blends functionality and performance with artistic aesthetics.

One Solar panels is a leading global manufacturer of solar power solutions for the residential and commercial market. We are revolutionising the solar industry by providing the world’s first fully integrated service that controls the entire process of manufacturing, integration and servicing of all solar power systems.

We are distinguished for offering the perfect balance between premium quality and competitive pricing, while providing an unparalleled level of customer support. 
Our robust module and one solar inverter combination are designed to deliver bankable results that will maximize your solar investment.

The First Truly Integrated Solar Company

OneSolar is at the forefront of the solar power industry. And as such we are responsive to the needs of multiple countries 
and continue to expand to emerging solar markets throughout the world.

One Solar in conjunction with its strategic partners have researched, designed, engineered and developed a high-performance solar product suite.

One Solar’s successful activity in the Vertically Integrated Product Development clearly indicates it’s long-term commitment to the industry.